Jullius working with Autistic client

TM and Dragonfly NETWelcome to New England Behavioral Services. We are a small agency dedicated to providing the highest quality, most individualized ABA services for your family member with Autism.

Applied Behavioral Analysis has been shown to be the most effective method of helping people with Autism manage their behaviors and learn skills that can help them navigate the world. At New England Behavioral Service we take the time to meet with you and go over your hopes, desires and goals for your family member and work together to create a plan that will help them achieve those goals.

When you call us we will set up a free, no-obligation meeting with your family to determine your needs and how we would be able to meet them. If you’re interested in working with us we will continue on to do a full assessment of the client and create a plan and share it with you to determine if it will meet your needs.  The Board Certified Behavior Analyst will work with you to determine the number of hours you feel would benefit your family member.  After the plan is developed Behavior Therapists would then come to your home regularly to implement the plan and work with your family member.