Each child's team consists, at minimum, of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and one or more ABA therapists. Many teams also contain an assistant behavior analyst (BCaBA), BCBA graduate student intern, or special education teacher.  All of our BCBA's are Licensed Applied Behavioral Analysts (LABAs) in the state of Massachusetts.   .

Our ABA Therapists

  • 100% of our therapists receive Registered Behavior Technician training that leads to RBT certification through the Behavior Analyst Certification Board.
  • 94% of our paraprofessional level therapists have a bachelor's or masters degrees
  • 82% of our therapists have prior experience in ABA classrooms or Early Intervention ABA home services before joining NEBS.

Our Staff

Our BCBA's

    BCBA's at NEBS come from a variety of educational and professional backgrounds.  All BCBA's have completed a minimum of a Master's Degree in ABA, Psychology, or Education, along with extensive coursework in ABA.  All BCBA's have completed a 1500 hour internship following the guidelines of the Behavior Analyst Certification Board and passed the BCBA certification exam.

     As a group, our BCBA's have obtained experience in public and private education settings, Early Intervention Services, and residential and institutional settings.  Many of our BCBA's have professional and educational backgrounds in special education.  Some of our BCBA's have backgrounds in laboratory-based behavioral research, while others have received extensive training in specific applied interventions and organizational behavior management.  All of our BCBA's participate in ongoing professional development and training related specifically to ABA in applied settings.   



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